About Us

In the evolving digital space, the interior decoration has been one of the major aspects of any entrepreneurs who come under the category of retail, hospitality and FMCG. In this direction, MNC Technical Services, LLC has literally transitioned itself to become a decoration fit-out firm in Dubai, UAE, which is governed by a group of entrepreneurs who have diverse experience and expertise in the areas concerning the interior decorations.

The way we work

As a professional team, we analyze customer's requirement specification and we tend to focus on the comprehensive interior decoration and customise it as per the specific mandates as laid out by the customer.
We do understand the customer's intricate requirements and with our years of experience and expertise, we deliver the finest interior decorations for the customer and exceed beyond his expectations.


We are a collective team of creative minds, as our team ensures that every client that comes to us adds up to the unique flavor and the creative designs that we engage into makes customer's dreams a reality. We are instrumental in shaping up the interior decorations, which very well begins with the finest conceptualization to the last stage of delivery.
Our team ensures that each project that we work upon is being efficiently handled and delivered with high-quality results.

The Team

MNC Technical Services LLC boosts of having a specialised team, which takes responsibility and the credibility to deliver the projects on time. The team on board, is specifically trained in various aspects of interior decorations and they tend to implement all the latest trends concerning the designs. On the contrary, the team is quite flexible to deliver the services which persistently entices the audience.

Our Vision

MNC Technical Services LLC always has a vision of having a long term business relationship with clients and works with accurate precision. The team is constantly proactive and always ensures that the client's request is handled with the highest priority. We have a quicker turnaround time (TAT) to complete the client's projects at the quickest time span.